Students of VNTU participated in environmental events "Save small river!"

"Save a little river!" - That was the slogan, once again passed the eponymous environmental event, attended by the students from the second year of our Institute of Ecology and Environmental Cybernetics of VNTU - Melik Alexander Kolesnik Tatiana Popatenko Elena Pochapska Anastasia Slobodyanyuk Anastasia Fedorova Catherine and Savinska Natalia. This program is designed to put an end to clogging of channels and banks of small rivers in our city and region. This time when concern Tyazhylivka volunteers hit the river, near the East Bus Station. The works were many, but thanks to coordinated efforts of the organizers and volunteers of the river was devoid of large quantities of waste that are not just zasmichuvaly reservoir, but also carried the rather unpleasant smell far enough. Of course, once is not enough to bring the river in acceptable condition, but the first brick laid, we hope that the case will be brought to completion.







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