Analysis of solid waste and landfill gas station in the village Small Stadnytsia Vinnitsa region

The delegation of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Cybernetics NTB in September visited the landfill waste in the village. Small Stadnytsia Vinnitsa region. The visit was familiar with the work of a solid waste stations installed on the ground. The area where is sorting line is well equipped. For several months, some of the (still small) waste m. Winery sorted at this station, which employs more than a dozen people. Unfortunately, the line can not effectively sort waste with a lot of food waste and street sweep away. Therefore it dopravlyayetsya only a small part of the waste where the content above fractions is minimal. However, in the case of the introduction of separate collection of waste is hoped download line at full capacity and eventually get an effective system of household waste. This was confirmed by the director KP "Ekovin" which removes waste m. Winery, Chornovol VI, according to which several hundred containers for sorting on 2 factions - food waste and all - has purchased and will be installed soon on the right bank in Vinnitsa.



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